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How to Maximize the ROI on Your Presentations

May 20, 2022

How to Maximize the ROI on Your Presentations

Despite the enormous role they play in business, many presentations are created, used once, and then forgotten forever. This is an ineffective and wasteful approach that costs money and time while making it harder to sell. With a presentation management strategy in place—and the right presentation management solution on hand—enterprises can unlock the full power of their best presentation assets, increasing conversions, organizational effectiveness, and efficiency.

Learn more with AlexAnndra Ontra.

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Concept Slides: PowerPoint Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

Concept Slides: PowerPoint Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

You get 8 shape types plus lines as part of this Organic Shapes collection. Each of these 8 shape types have 10 variants. So you end up with 80 hand-drawn shape options! Again each of these 80 shapes have 12 brush stroke styles! Plus you get the lines and arrows in 12 brush stroke styles too. Combine all variations to end up with more than 3000 possibilities.

Download and use now.

The Rules of Netiquette and How To Use Them Both To Communicate Clearly And Save Time

October 22, 2021

The Rules of Netiquette and How To Use Them Both To Communicate Clearly And Save Time

The 2020s continue to invent new words to make sense of the new world we live in, including our use of the internet. One such term is netiquette. Netiquette has had its etymological evolution from the word etiquette. Whilst etiquette is focused on the conduct and behavior observed in social life, netiquette refers to this aspect of governance from the perspective of the Internet. I have learned and experienced many things in my time as a technology executive and as a Toastmaster. As an executive, I have the latest tools and technologies at my fingertips (e.g. “The What”). Yet, as a Toastmaster, I have built foundations of communication, public speaking, and leadership (i.e. “The Why and How”). My aim is to share some of the key tips, tricks, and lessons on netiquette through each lens.

Read more with Brad Revell of Toastmasters.




New Stories

PowerPoint and Presenting News: May 17, 2022

May 17, 2022

PowerPoint and Presenting News: May 17, 2022

Harvey Balls are a favorite infographic for many users, and this week, we show you how you can use think-cell, a famous PowerPoint add-in to add Harvey Balls to your slides. This feature includes a video tutorial. We next feature Rick Altman, the host of the annual Presentation Summit, being held this October in San Diego, CA as well as virtually. Rick shares that this year his event is in its 20th year, and he has announced a sweepstake offer.

We then look at how Japanese rice charts evolved to become the stock charts we see today. We also bring you quotes, press releases, and templates from the last few days.

Stay informed about updated tutorials and happenings related to PowerPoint and presenting.

Using the Morph Transition with Words in PowerPoint 365 for Windows

May 16, 2022

Using the Morph Transition with Words in PowerPoint 365 for Windows

While it's easy and effective to use Morph transition effects between typical slides, curves, or even exclamation-named objects, there are many more Morph tricks to play with. Morph allows you to play with words and characters, and in this tutorial, we will explore using the Morph transition effect in PowerPoint to create animated effects using words.

Learn how to morph between words on successive slides in PowerPoint 365 for Windows.

Stock Charts in PowerPoint

May 13, 2022

Stock Charts in PowerPoint

A stock chart is a price chart of a specific stock, plotted over a time frame. Stock charts created in PowerPoint can be both candle or stick charts, or both at the same time. In case they use both candle and stick shapes, they are called candlestick stock charts.

Learn about stock charts, and how you can use them within PowerPoint.

Adding Harvey Balls Using think-cell in PowerPoint

May 11, 2022

Adding Harvey Balls Using think-cell in PowerPoint

Today, we are going to explore how you can quickly create Harvey balls within PowerPoint using think-cell. Before we explore how to do so, let’s do a quick recap about what Harvey balls are, and where think-cell fits within the picture. Harvey balls are round ideograms or pictograms that show different states of a ball with quarters added or subtracted to attain five states between start and completion. They have been named after Harvey L. Poppel, who started using them in the 1970s. They are often used in business reports, documents, and presentations because they show progressive data at a quick glance.

Learn more here.

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